marilyn - for not being "skinny" (as pop culture defines it today).and being okay with herself and making it sexy

Jay Z

NEWS: Jay Z announces new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

Jay Z. A "massively big" singer, according to my sources. Married to Beyonce, who is also "massively big" in her own right.

Paval Emelynov works for Russian design company Eskimo, skimming through their portfolio is a joy. They have created some excellent  identities for a variation of companies, although my favorite of his portfolio are the identity project, himself and his company have a whole range of different mediums that they have tinkered with. So be sure to check out his behánce profile, and the company website.

Branding #8 : Stunning Identity Projects by Pavel Emelyanov

Back to Color...Mert and Marcus, Love Magazine, Fall/Winter 2012.

Jessica Brown-Findlay photographed by Mert & Marcus for Love Magazine Fall/Winter 2012 Lady sybil from Downton abbey!

Another adorable baby/sibling photo! lenag

Super cute sibling portrait ideas for photographing the new baby with their older siblings.