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there is a picture frame with pictures and scissors on it
Shadow box | Shadow box | Pinterest | Shadow Box, Box and Diy shadow box
there is a framed picture with old items on the wall next to books and keys
Reminiscing with Shadowboxes
a wall with pictures, photos and other items on it's display board in a frame
Shadow box or frame to display old photos, small keepsakes, postcards, etc.
an old newspaper with medals and other items on it in a wooden frame hanging on the wall
What's new At Frame By Frame
We wanted to share with you a fantastic idea that our customer had, using old newspaper print as a backdrop for her memorabilia in a shadow box. Finished with a frame from the Verona collection, we were pleased with the end result!
an old sheet music cover with the words printable antique christmas music written in red and green
Christmas Music Printables: Joy to the World + More
Printable Christmas Music from
an image of a pair of white gloves on display in a wooden box with lace
DIY Home Decor | ehow