School 2017

kim jung hyun / he caught my attention in Jealousy Incarnate; he's damn cute and a promising actor indeed

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"School Cast Holds First Table Script Reading With Full Cast

[PICS] 170711 Sejeong at KBS 'School 2017' press conference. (2)  #아이오아이 #IOI #김세정 #Sejeong

[PICS] 170711 Sejeong at KBS 'School 2017' press conference. (2) #아이오아이 #IOI #김세정 #Sejeong

School, Kim Jung, Korean Dramas, Kdrama, Schools, Drama Korea

Schools, Couple, Korean Dramas, Kdrama, Drama Korea, Couples, Colleges

After Kim Sejeong and Kim Jung Hyun's sweet love story kicked off in "School the couple has received a lot of love from viewers.


Dreams, Justice, And Bad Boys: 5 Reasons To Check Out “School