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DIY – Square Circle Skirt-this is too cute and yet so simple! This would be so fun to adapt to an adult size. Maybe use more squares?

Ribbon huhu

Knot-Me Tie Skirt Tutorial. for my first sewing project with my halloween?

Stretch maybe

delia creates: Nesting: Easy Baby Skirts Baby girl free tutorial- turn an adult shirt into a scaft

Aw aw aw! Denim vs floral

I just bought this dress, will likely be Little Miss's coming home outfit! :) Newborn Jean Dress Floral Summer Outfit for Girls-Peach Color

Simply casual

Floral Simplicity - Penny Pincher Fashion Floral blazer pastels work casual - like but with flats for work and non distressed jeans

Peach?? Or brink pink??

Perfect blazer for a budding beauty, this blazer boasts comfy cotton and a gorgeous floral lining make this sweet staple a stylish stand out. Pair with a favorite tank or tee for a sweetly sophisticated look.

Catch the baby version

New Slim Three Quarter Sleeves Petty Flowers Print One Button Korean Blazer


Shabby chic,vintage petti romper for photoprop, weddings,flower girl dress,birthdays and valentines