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Calm by on @DeviantArt

just random painting i made in the school watercolor on paper Calm

Hemione Granger by on @DeviantArt

'wingardium leviOsa' my version of Hermione Granger. hope y all like it Hemione Granger

Adele by on @DeviantArt

portraits of my favorite singer watercolor on paper with some edit Adele

By:Kusuma Dewi #feathers #watercolor #paintings #tumblr #commission #peacock

By:Kusuma Dewi #feathers #watercolor #paintings #tumblr #commission #peacock

How cute is this clutch? And there’s no needle and thread involved. | 41 Awesomely Easy No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks

Create the easiest DIY no-sew clutch from a place mat and a thrifted belt @ By Wilma - I'm much more the "gluer" than a needle-friend.) So this will work much more for me than every sewing project. Agar io hack working wow! Agar io hack working wow!

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