Omg he's so handsome Ong❣

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jihoon and daehwi ( i think that’s jihoon? i’m still unsure on names )

Ong Seongwu

look at this smile why does he get so much hate he doesn’t deSERVE IT

♥ Lee Daehwi ♥

looks sexy and innocent in the same time

Wanna One 이대휘 (Lee Daehwi)

Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Wanna One Photos Gallery

Ong Seong-wu ❤️

"You stole my heart, but i'll let you keep it" ♡WannaOne♡sungwoo

นิยายเรื่อง มึงๆกูจิ้นมึงกะพี่คนนั้นอะ

Lee Daehwi Wanna One Diterima Masuk di School of Performing Arts Seoul

Angel does exist and his name is Lee Daehwi