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Madara _rinnegan by Zetsuai89 I LOVE IT ♡♡ #madara #uchiha #rinnegan

The idea for the art appeared after 601 manga chapters)) but because of the large number of errors in the outline stopped halfway . Obito looks younger but it seems v.

MADARA UCHIHA by Zetsuai89 on DeviantArt

"Infinite Tsukuyomi" Art was generated after Chapter 677 "infinite Tsukiyomi". It is a pity that in the next chapter, all so has cardinally chang.

hotness! Uchiha Madara my anime love ❤ #madara #uchiha

Kishimoto wanted to add some mythological sense to his work so he was like: "let it be Hades" and then Madara was created.