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Made from European Flax linen, snuggle up in softness that is breathable in summer and warm in winter for the ultimate sleep, 365 days a year. “We love timeless patterns like plaid because they always have something new to offer, and can be endlessly reinvented. The Lora bed linen reimagines the nostalgic design in an


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SPACES — Jordan Cashen
SPACES — Jordan Cashen


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a refrigerator covered in magnets and pictures
SPACES — Jordan Cashen
SPACES — Jordan Cashen
the kitchen counter is full of spices, books and other items that are on display
SPACES — Jordan Cashen
SPACES — Jordan Cashen
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a window and a potted plant
a bathroom with pictures on the wall and a sink in the middle, next to a window
30 Home Exterior Designs To Wake The Connoisseur In You, As Seen On This Twitter Page | Bedroom interior, Apartment decor, Room inspiration bedroom
a wall covered in pictures and magnets next to a vase with flowers on it
the wall is covered with many different pictures
a table with some flowers and pictures on the wall above it, along with two chairs
Hanging a Gallery Wall the Right Way