Secrets Behind Praying on Time


Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently

FAST CURE FOR DEPRESSION.. *& this is better than diet

"Fast" (as in fasting, not fast quick :D) Cure for Depression by Dr Bilal Philips of Islamic Online University. ~ In sha Allah it works when one wants it to, and do it (successfully) with Allah's Grace & Mercy & Help.

The blessings in a prayer. Wow i never knew this. Especially the Fajr.

The poster is not from a Hadith or any other Islamic source! These are motivational words to remind that every success in life comes trough performing your 5 daily salat.

SubhanAllah. The Quran never ceases to amaze!

Facts about Quran - Muhammad (saw) is only mentioned 4 times in the book, whereas Jesus - 29 times, Yasin - Noah - and Moses - 143 times!

How Can A Muslim Make The Youth More Rewarding and Productive

Youth is the prime age in the life of a person. It is a time when health, vitality, spirit and passion all are at their optimal and a person feels he or she can do everything and whatever they unde…

Fatimah RA.. Hope my attitude can be like her and found my own Ali bin Abi Thalib.. Aamiin..

Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her), the beloved daughter of our Prophet (pbuh): from having a striking and amazing resemblance to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to being affectionately called Az-Zahra, the Splendid One, Fatimah attained an incredible sta

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life of majority people but in this turmoil we forget hat there is beautiful present nd which remains beautiful ever . just feel it without thinking abt past or future

Surah Duha [93] Tafsir by Nouman Ali Khan: — with Nor Syazwani Azmee.

Islamic Art and Quotes - The Hereafter is Better For You (Quran Surat.


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