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an abstract sculpture is shown on the wall in black and white colors, with curved shapes
Vasso Fragkou – Artists | Artelier | Art Consultancy
a statue of a white horse with its head in the air and it's legs out
Thoroughbred Horse Relief Wall Sculpture
a statue of a white horse is shown in front of a gray sky and clouds
Horse Anatomy Sculpture
Sculptures monumentales #horse #anatomy #sculpture #horseanatomysculpture
three white horses standing next to each other on display
July 26, 2014 – The Flying Shetlands
A statue in The Great Stables at the Domaine de Chantilly, which is now The Living Museum of the Horse, where dressage exhibitions are given to the public.
a bronze figurine with a man and woman holding each other
Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950 | Metal sculptures
French sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier, was born in Nice, he lives and works in Saint-Antoine-de-Siga, between Levens and Saint-Blaise (Alpes-Maritimes, France).
Bronze Couples or Group sculpture by artist Andrew Benyei titled: 'Leap of Faith (Dancer sculptures)' £12100 #sculpture #art Sculpture Man And Woman, Dancer Statue, Inspirational Sculpture, Woman Dance, Woman Sculpture, Human Sculpture, Abstract Girl, Kunst Inspiration, Flower Sculptures
'Leap of Faith I (Bronze Man and Woman Dance statue)' by Andrew Benyei
Bronze Couples or Group sculpture by artist Andrew Benyei titled: 'Leap of Faith (Dancer sculptures)' £12100 #sculpture #art
two metal figures are holding each other in the shape of a heart and hands on a gray background
Seigneur, à vous je me rends. Anne cailloux | Plume de Poète
Nouvel article depuis le site littéraire Plume de Poète - #Seigneur, à vous je me rends. Anne cailloux
a close up of a piece of art on a table
?LOVE? — - Sculpture : martin_lagares - Moi et mon amour...
two men are performing acrobatic tricks on a pole in front of a gray background
Close Up of Orpheus Ascending Bronze, 2011 Richard MacDonald Studio
a bronze sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a green block with her legs up
Buy Art - painting sculptures replicas jewelry - ars mundi - The world of art
Angeles Anglada: Sculpture "Equilibrium", artificial stone
a sculpture is displayed on top of a white pedestal with a gold triangle and two black figurines
Gravity Female by Lorenzo Quinn | It is essential to find a balance in life. Many times that balance is achieved with the help of the people who surround us and that hold us firmly to the ground and without whom we would float into perdition.