Larasati Sihombing

Larasati Sihombing

Larasati Sihombing
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I've honestly pinned this 5 times but it makes me cry every time so let's do it again okay okay

This makes my heart hurt. I don't even watch Merlin and my heart hurts from this

Another pinner said >> I did it and I asked who is the drummer for All Time Low and they said Rain Dawson AHHHHH then I called again and asked whos the drummer for 5SOS and the guy said " oh I don't even have to look this up it's Ashton Irwin my daughter loves them but Michael's her favorite>>>> Repining for that comment!

Auburn University will try to any questions you could ever ask for. Okay, someone please tell me if this is real! I know Auburn is awesome but this seems pretty random.

"George Bailey, I'll love you til the day I die."

"It's a Wonderful Life" ~ whispers in his bad ear - "George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die.

Here are some cool and funny ways to make your computer desktop stand out. Or ways to prank coworkers or family or friends. :) Or just a way to give a laugh.