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The psychology of scribbles - what does your handwriting say about you?

You will know someone's character with his hand letter writing. Maybe your character reads an old letter from a dead relative and learns something important from the handwriting.

A Guide to Deduction: #42

A guide to deduction People who were in marching bands for a long time usually start walking with their left foot when they hear music playing.

that is so funny

People assume that time is a straight line of cause and effect but it's not it's really a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff (sorry if I messed up a bit)

a guide to deduction 1325. Nationality and LL. -SH

a guide to deduction. Also if the double L is pronounced like a J, one can assume they are of Spanish speaking decent as well, most likely from certain parts of South America

A Guide To Deduction #620

Previous pinner: Printed, me thinks. Mine often goes toward flamboyant, but this character is indeed practical --and observant.

No calluses for me! I already got the hang of not pressing too hard...and I still play all the time...

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