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two people are walking in the water with their feet up
listen to playlist: two hearts on the floor
two hearts on the floor one mine both yours
a full moon is seen in the night sky above tall buildings
saturn and its rings in the sky with two planets behind it, as seen from earth
saturn taken by nasa's cass spacecraft, showing the rings on its outer surface
Saturn with my 8” telescope
Saturn with my 8 telescope
two people sitting on a park bench in the middle of a field of tulips
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a woman in a white dress holding a flower and walking away from the camera,
an indoor pond surrounded by plants and trees
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blurry image of two people dancing in the rain
two deer are standing in the woods on a foggy day and one is looking at the camera
a cemetery in the middle of a foggy day with headstones and crosses on it
the silhouette of a tree against a dark blue sky with clouds in the back ground
dark twilight
an old olive tree in the middle of a field with lots of leaves on it
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