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the sewing pattern for wall art is shown with instructions to make it easy and fun
Fashion Wall Art with Vintage Sewing Patterns
there is a glass jar with some thread and spools in it on the table
Altered Altoid Tin and a Blog Hop
two framed pictures of women's dresses on display in front of a red table
a framed photo of a baby's dress and pictures
an assortment of items is displayed in a shadow box with a clock, passport, and sunglasses
John Lee and Susan Mariah Pinegar
three different purses in a white box on a blue tablecloth with lace doily
Decorating and Organizing with Shadow Box Frames : Atta Girl Says
there are many doily laid out on the floor
there is a picture of a man with wrenches hanging on the wall in front of him
Wrench picture frame
a wall hanging with four pieces of fabric on it and a sign that says love is patient loss's bond
I put old doilies in window panes. Great way to preserve them and display them as art! By Melissa Wiseman