Logisera Brain Game

Logisera Brain Game

Indonesia / Logisera adalah aplikasi permainan yang diciptakan khusus untuk melatih kemampuan otak dengan cara yang menyenangkan
Logisera Brain Game
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Ini dia 5 kegunaan lebih dari OLIVE OIL (minyak zaitun) selain untuk memasak:  1.	Pemoles Furnitur 2.	Menghapus Cat 3.	Menghilangkan Bunyi Berdenyit 4.	Pelembab Bahan Kulit 5.	Menghapus Make Up

Ini dia 5 kegunaan lebih dari OLIVE OIL (minyak zaitun) selain untuk memasak: Pemoles Furnitur Menghapus Cat Menghilangkan Bunyi Berdenyit Pelembab Bahan Kulit Menghapus Make Up

Musical Training Increases Blood Flow in the Brain - NeuroscienceNews.com Researchers at the University of Liverpool found musical training can increase blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain, suggesting the area of the brain responsible for music and language share common pathways.

Musical Training Increases Blood Flow in the Brain Piano lessons for little kids.

Hi, versi Beta dari games asah otak Logisera resmi diluncurkan hari ini! Mainkan games nya secara GRATIS di www.logisera.com dan dapatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 terbaru!

After successful launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung is planning to launch its lite version tablet around January. The name of this tab would be Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite with model number and the price would be 100 EUROS which is around Rs.

15 facts about the brain. The human brain is the most amazing and baffling organ of our body, as well as the source of many mysteries. Although the human brain makes only 2 percent of our body weight it has over 100,000 miles of blood vessels!  http://positivemed.com/2012/09/17/15-things-you-didnt-know-about-the-brain/#

Funny pictures about 15 facts about the brain. Oh, and cool pics about 15 facts about the brain. Also, 15 facts about the brain.

Brain Food: Combine protein foods with carbohydrate foods by eating wholegrain cereals and fruit with raw, unsalted nuts or seeds, and ensuring you eat starchy foods (potatoes, bread, pasta or rice) with protein-rich fish, lentils, beans, eggs or tofu. If eating animal protein, choose lean, white meat or preferably fish, organic whenever possible.

The Best Toddler Smoothie Recipe to sneak veggies into your toddlers diet. A high protein, fruit and veggie smoothie your toddler will love.

Varieties of brain enhancing food

Check out these great brain foods to keep you going. I need all the brain food I can get. Plus, I love the idea of literally feeding my children's brains in every way possible.

How a brain retain its information

At The How Does the Brain Retain Information Infographic presents some interesting ideas about memory retention and the process of learning.