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My husband tells me almost every day that he wants to know every little thing about me.all my thoughts, everything I did during the day while he was at work, all the things in my heart, etc.my husband is so sweet and amazing.

The reason I finally left was your fault

The reason I finally left was your fault. He attacked me, my son, hurt his own son & terrified my daughter. Evil scum Corey Kaine/Graham, burn in hell. Come near my children and you'll be the one to regret it, that's not a threat it's a promise.

There's always a story - and I like to listen to people's stories. Maybe, one day - someone will want to listen to my story and not walk away because of it

My heart! I can't unlove you, you are still my dream even tho your words seeped in and I'm waiting for the next time you tell me there is nothing left , I will always love you Allen.