Pisang Rai~ Coconut Banana (Pisang Rai) is one of traditional Balinese heritage snack, it is made from banana which usually be eaten as a breakfast (a traditional breakfast) along with tea/coffee, on the other hand, its also perfect snack for your afternoon tea/coffee. The bananas are first coated in a homemade batter of rice flour, boiled/steamed and then toppled over with fresh grated coconut. (Ira Rodriguez)

Breakfast yum - Coconut Banana (Pisang Rai Bali) - I wonder how it would taste with a yogurt coating instead of the reg batter?

Sate Babi - Indonesian Pork Satay

Sate Babi - Indonesian Pork Satay

I've been searching for the sweet pork satay I used to have when I was in Indonesia and I'm not so sure if it's the one.

Kuih Bingka Ubi–Baked Tapioca or Cassava Cake (烤木薯糕)

Kuih Bingka Ubi–Baked Tapioca or Cassava Cake (烤木薯糕)

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Sate Kerang Sidoarjo / Indonesian Food

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

Lapis Limau Purut @ BitterSweetSpicy

I baked Lapis Limau Purut for Hari Raya Haji about a month ago. I did not plan to bake any lapis cake at first, but since I was baking for .

Tested & Tasted: Rainbow Legit and Lapis Surabaya

Thanks for Alice - ILove.IBake for the inspiration, please see her version here . :) Here are my combination Lapis Legit and L.