Golden Angel wings!!!

The Golden version of Angel Wings. This item is hard to get as the recipe requires the SUPER RARE Golden Heart Crystal.


The World Lock-most important item in the game

Legendary Dragon!

The Legendary Dragon. A monster of pure, burning hot fire. To obtain this monster, you will have to complete The Legendary Quests. Good Luck To All Growtopians!

legendary wings

A gigantic version of Angel Wings. When worn, players get to float like when Parasol is worn and double jump with a flapping effect.

Golden bow and rainbow wings

I finally got rainbow wings. Add me on growtopia my user is

Legendary Robot!

A gigantic robot the size of 2 Growtopians. Its firepower is massive, as it is armed with ROCKET LAUNCHERS.

golden dragon

The Cheese Dragon. Spits out Hot, Tasty Melted Cheese(Its Fictious Though) ᏝᎾᏝ

Golden pickaxe

Golden pickaxe i want it !

diamond hepoli


diamond hepoli