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Sculpture by John V Wilhelm

Wilhelm's Art - by Artist John V. Wilhelm Last week I went out to my "pre-art" pile to find parts for a lizard I wanted to build. Before I found any lizard parts, I spotted the hydrant that became this bird's head and the lizard had to wait.

Hand-painted household tools and items. More at

By adding a little paint and ink to such mundane household items as tools, kitchen utensils and hinges, artist Gilbert Legrand imbues them with personality.

Vue d'ensemble de ma bande de Bottlerobot  (revenez voir de temps en temps car ils n'y sont pas tous )  Je tâcherais de la mettre à jour ré...

BottleRobot is a series of sculptures designed by Anthony G. who recycles and reuses plastic packaging by giving them a new life, another utility, transforming