They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about yangmai? Chances are you never heard of it.There’s a whole world full of fun and tasty fruits. Try our Top 10 Exotic Fruits that will give your taste buds a jolt! #healthy #fruit

Forget the expensive party trays.cut up watermelon and use it as the dish! A cheap and easy way to serve a decorative fruit platter

Time consuming if you're self-catering, but if you need a style idea...well...

This would be so cute for a wedding! Serve @ cocktail hour DIY wedding planner with di wedding ideas and tips including DIY wedding tutorials and how to instructions. Everything a DIY bride needs to have a fabulous wedding on a budget!

Looks Yummy

Now, this isnt a recipe but Ive always found it funny that when I bring my own fruit to class that I cut up, EVERYONE wants it. People need to realize it takes 5 minutes to chop fruit up as a snack and its much healthier than eating junk food!

Lilyan Whittey

Skewered Fruit Tray full of Publix fresh fruit! We eat a lot of fruit from Publix


Love this idea of the fruit skewers and veggie cups with ranch dip on bottom **for fruit, how about pomegranate or rose petal for veggie, try "feel good" ranch, honey mustard or citrus ginger for HIGH flavor without alot of additional sugar, fat

Easy and delicious Thai Fish Curry recipe with step by step instructions |

Thai Curry Fish Custard | Hor Mok | ห่อหมก

Fish top with Hot Chilli Peppers : "Ikan Sambal Belado"

Balado: Indonesian dish of fish, chicken, beef or vegetables cooked in a chilli, lemon, garlic and onion sauce.

Ayam Penyet is a classic Indonesian dish. It is fried chicken that is smashed down to give it a softer texture, and marinated with peppers and herbs.

fried chicken with chili sous - ayam penyet ~ indonesian food Pollo fritto con salsa di chili khas Indonesian.

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Great idea for a buffet event or dinner party: Fruit salad in a hollowed out watermelon basket!

Watermelon Grill @Debra Nelson-Lawson

Watermelon grill centerpiece with fruit kabobs -- fun idea for a summer party or bbq