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Okay I'm going a little Introvert Pin crazy right now but this is probably the best honest definition of Introverts.

Introverts - so cool! :)

When I tell others that I'm an introvert and have a hard time dealing with people for a long time, they really don't understand. I do like hanging out with other people, but I need some alone time.


I am not an introvert but I love and respect a great many people who are. I wish more people would understand what it means to be an introvert - maybe you are and you don't even realise. Introversion does not equal shyness.


Don't scold or embarrass me in public. Also, I am shy. I hate it when people think only introverts are shy and introverts think all introverts are not shy. I am shy. I am introverted. Get it right people.

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