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Leona Khayla
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I met a couple of other direcioners today, and it eas the first time we had ever met. I told oje of the girls I liked her 1D sweatshirt, snd e talked for almot an hour ma bout the boys. It is great that our fandom is so nice to every other directioner and tha we can just have conversations without even knowing each other

Tears up and then 5 seconds later starts crying and then falls off bed and throws phone at wall cause the emosh is so hardcore right now.

One direction

At first I never talked about them even though I have known about their band for a long time, because I thought no one else was a directioner but now I talk about them all the time "Favorite Picture of the Boys"

niam selfie

Niall is amazing at taking selfies, Liam is amazing at taking selfies