The Soul of Samurai Abstract Painting Calligraphy Style

The Soul of Samurai, Abstract Painting, Calligraphy Style Artwork, Bushido, Samurai Sword


by Miyamoto Musashi. Having mastered the art of the sword, Musashi applied his insight and skills to writing, poetry, painting and sculpture among others.

Lee Man Fong, Penari Bali

Artworks of Lee Man Fong (Indonesian, 1913 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

'Keep Calm Then Win Through --- Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art It consists of four characters, pronounced níng jìng zhì yuǎn in Chinese pinyin, and means accomplish something lasting by leading a quiet life, or to keep calm then win through. This comes from “a letter of exhorting children” writed by Zhuge Liang / Chuko Liang (181–234), style name Kongming. View more

Keep Calm, Ning Jing Zhi Yuan Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art : Chinese Calligraphy Art for Sale Online