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the baby is wearing a star wars outfit next to an image of a raccoon
a man is pointing at red cones with the caption, when you ask an adder why they always end up doing anything
a cat that is looking at the camera with caption saying, magician take any card metakes his credit card magician
the man is texting on his cell phone while standing in front of a lamp
I don't like it when people text me in abbreviations at this old age. They be like "GM!" Well, General Motors to you too
this is the skin of a killer bela
the twilight saga is shown in several different ways, including one with an open mouth and two
Twilight in the Country
Yeehaw, loca, where you been gettin off to, ya lassie?
a man in a hat walking through the woods with a caption that reads, wellbeller, i recon you can't go beat me in a foot race
two pictures with the same caption in each
a cat wearing a white cowboy hat with the caption normal cat meow texan cat meowy
a dalmatian dog wearing a yellow vest that says, when someone says good morning but you haven't been up long enough to comment on the quality of the morning