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a white plate with a small clock on it's face, sitting on a wall
Kenichirooomori Moving Design
a white clock mounted to the side of a wall
Kenichirooomori Moving Design
Kenichiro Oomori. Pinned to F O R . T H E . H O M E #clock
an electronic device is sitting on top of a white tray with keychains and other items
Courant CATCH:3, Bone
Luxury meets technology. The Catch:3 is a stylish home for your most essential items, combining wireless charging with a sleek leather accessory tray. Perfect for the entryway of your home or by your bedside. Features 3-coil single-device fast wireless charging. Charges through most cases up to 3 mm in thickness. Also available in Saddle and Black. Courant High-Grade Matte Aluminium AlloyPremium pebble-grain Italian leatherDurable braided nylon cableDimensions: 11 x 8 x 0.6 inIncluded in the Box
two electronic devices connected to each other with wires and plugs on the top one
phampants: szymon: Rozetkus power strip by Art. Lebedev Studio (Artemy Lebedev, Yegor Zhgun, Alexei Boguslavsky, Maxim Pavlukhin, Andrey Voronkov) I’d live in Europe so I can use this power strip. I’d live in Europe for other reasons. But this power strip would help.
an electric outlet plugged into a wall charger with two wires attached to it
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