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D&D gear from IG @JAAAMESPERRETT - dnd post
Dungeons And Dragons 5e, Cleric, Pen & Paper
ELIANIM, THE DAWNSPARK Legendary Warhammer (Heavy, Mania!) requires aflunement by a Cleric or Paladin Damage: 1d8 (1d10) +1d4 Lightning +1d4 Thunder damage Forge of the Morning Sun: You receive a +4 bonus on Attack rolls made with this weapon. Heart of the Sun: Whilst attuned to this weapon you receive a +2 bonus on your Constitution score. Aura of Dawn: You and all allies within 15ft of you have advantage on all saving throws against Fear effects, Crystallized Light: This hammer holds 3 charges of Crystalized Light. Whenever you cast any type of healing spell you can expend one charge to heal one target for an extra 2d6. All charges are restored at dawn. - iFunny
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[OC] Silly Item - Boots of The High Ground
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dungeons and dragons Homebrewing #homebrewing ADRP - homebrewing
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Homebrewing items #homebrewing dailyDungeoneer on  - homebrewing
Homebrewing items #homebrewing dailyDungeoneer on - homebrewing
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