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“Since this was already half done, I figured I’d take a break from homework to finish it I’m more curious with the possibilities of Enderfell over Enderswap to be frank (also apparently there actually is a thing called Enderfell that’s.

Asriel eating cotton candy

Asriel eating cotton candy, by chuidrawing<<<I have a mighty need for this to be canon

Oh my god. You haven't had ice cream! *drags both fell brothers to the ice cream palor* Under fell sans: Wat. Under fell papyrus: Wat. Ice cream is needed!<<< *drops tubes of ice cream in their lap* EAT AND BE AMAZED!

Underfell AU

no this isn't canon with Endertale or anything, it's simply a what-if scenario where Toriel and Asgore get back together and they have a lil' baby goat ^^ (sorry Soriel shippers, I'.

Endertale - Page 24

Enter the goat dad! and you guys thought he wasn't going to make an appearance =w= Asgore lives in a cozy cottage in the woods, not too far from the oth. Endertale - Page 24

endertale-page23 bonus!

I think we summoned the wrong Sans. Thanks a lot A. and honestly Fresh Sans is probably one of the Alternate Sanses I hate the most owo Endurrtale - Perge 23

Endertale - Page 23

The one where Asriel starts to realize just what they might be dealing with here. I don't think I really need to put a blood warning, we're all pretty. Endertale - Page 23