Double Ring | Elise Dray. White gold and grey diamonds

Elise Dray Rings :: Elise Dray white gold and grey diamonds double ring; This would look great with some long almond nails

crescent moon & stars necklace

Moon Necklace, 18k Vermeil Crescent Moon Necklace, I Love You To The Moon And Back, Star Necklace, gift for mom, Layered Necklace, muse411

Black Wool Coat with Embroidered Detail - Lyst

Women's Black Wool Coat with Embroidered Detail

LWREN SCOTT Black Wool Coat with Embroidered Detail warm winter, we need warm coat ,so mordern down coat, my best loved moncler.

Love this coat!

Double Breasted Wool Olga Coat

My favorite find of the season from Reddoll on Etsy. A military-style, double-breasted wool coat with a high collar, circle metal buttons, .

steampunk vest

Love this - recycled fashion-ethical design-vintage fabrics-bohemian clothing - Waistcoat/Jackets

love this necklace

Silver Button Necklace - Handmade Pendant with Chain in Sterling Silver - Arts & Crafts - Gift for the Crafty Person

Jacket (in place of vest, for indoors) Ottoman Empire?

Social Fabric Connects Textile Lovers Online

Jacket, Corfu Greece, Short, fitted jackets were fashionable for men and women in century Greece. Embroidering with metal thread is a long tradition in Greece that was profoundly influenced by centuries of Ottoman rule.

Albanian large embroidered coat

This sleeveless coat from Shkodër (Scutari) on the Albanian-Montenegrin border demonstrates a remarkable degree of craftsmanship in its lavish use of gold cord, variety of curvilinear shapes, and use of negative space