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some people sitting at a table talking to each other
an image of a cartoon scene with the caption that reads, remember when dof came
I literally had two of these Dumb And Dumber
I literally had two of these
an image of a newspaper with the caption'dudue do yall remember this? '
two texts that say girls grouchat so are you and brit like a thing now boys group chat
20+ Funny Prank Text Ideas for Friends i 2024 | Roliga memes, Rolig humor, Roligt
the tweet is being posted on twitter
an old photo of a man jumping in front of a chalkboard with the caption'my dad teaching math in southern california late 70s early 80s '
some cartoon characters are talking to each other on the same page, and one is holding something in his hand
pov: the slow people in the hallway
someone holding up a cell phone with the caption i got the pictures from my trip processed all nicely and accidentally put this screenshot in there
an image of a woman with long hair