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a large rock formation sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake
Piękna skalna kraina niedaleko polskiej granicy
Największe atrakcje Czeskiej Szwajcarii (Ceske Svycarsko) Panská skála (Pańska Skała) koło Kamienickiego Szeniowa
a tall rock formation sitting on top of a cliff next to the ocean
Strata near Downpatrick in County Mayo, Northern Ireland [647 X 825]
Strata near Downpatrick in County Mayo, Northern Ireland
an aerial view of the ocean and cliffs
Physical Features of Scotland
Fingal's Cave on Staffa - Its struture is unique. Nowhere else is there a sea-cave formed completely in hexagonally-jointed basalt. To this the size, the sounds, the colours, and the remarkable symmetry of this 227-foot cavern; and by Nature's gift of fractured columns forming a crude walkway just above high-water level, allowing exploring visitors to go far inside.
a large pile of rocks sitting on top of a beach next to a tall building
Basalt columns
Basalt columns | In South Iceland you can find basalt column… | Flickr
a large rock formation on the side of a mountain next to the ocean with waves crashing against it
Navegar hasta Los Órganos es otro de los motivos que nos han llevado de nuevo a La Gomera. El imponente acantilad...
some very tall rocks by the water
Spectacular basaltic columns of Los Organos (Organ pipes), La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain, a result of volcanic activity at least 2 million years ago. by spaweb
a large pile of rocks sitting next to each other
Columnar Basalt: How These Rocks Got Their Hexagonal Shape | Geology In
Mystery solved: How these rocks got their strange hexagonal shape | Geology IN
an old stone structure with grass growing on the ground and blue sky in the background
Abstract Basalt Columns
Abstract Basalt Columns Photos Gerduberg basalt columns, Iceland---? See my collections for more inspirational **Photos**, **Ligh by PhotoMarket
the rocks are covered with yellow lichens and moss growing on them, as if they were floating in water
Basalt hexagons
In Iceland pure nature may stun you. The natural basalt hexagons in North Iceland make beautiful patterns in nature, just like a well located piece of art. You can see columnar basalt rock formations many places in Iceland, so remember your camera and have a look around. nature can inspire you, and e.g. architects find inspiration in their shapes here in Iceland.
a large pile of rocks sitting next to a tall tower
there are many white fluffy plants growing in the cave
IMG_0377 Pretties, crystal formations in a pool, Nettlebed Cave
IMG_0377 Pretties, crystal formations in a pool, Nettlebed Cave | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a skeleton sitting on top of a rock
In pictures: Ida crucial missing link fossil
Ida, one of the most complete primate fossils ever found, likely a very early haplorhine primate
a green object that looks like it is made out of ice cubes
Geology Tweets on Twitter
New find Skeletal halite crystal from Sieroszowice mine. Photo M. Wikiera. Spirifer Minerals specimen. #mineralspic.twitter.com/F3OwUqPZBe
a sign is in front of some rocks
Most People Don’t Know These 15 Hidden Gems In Montana Even Exist
Ringing Rocks in Montana. The only other place in the United States that has this geological feature is in Pennsylvania.
a group of people sitting on top of a large rock with the words megaliths org written across it
Гранит - не магматическая порода
Гранит - не магматическая порода: navy_navy — LiveJournal