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a room with a large green wall covered in video game characters and plants on the floor
Lego wall! How awesome is this! - Uploaded by Spark and Glow Studios ≈≈
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pile of books
More Lego OCD!
We so need to do this!
a child's play table with toy trains and cars on it in a room
Christmas LEGO Table
Lego Table
the instructions to make a butterfly made out of legos are shown in three different ways
Learning Symmetry with LEGOs and Butterflies
A fun and simple lesson on symmetry using LEGOs and a sticky-winged butterfly from Fun at Home with Kids
a lego pinball game is shown with instructions for building the board and pieces to make it
Build a Lego Pinball Game - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Build a Lego Pinball Game
an image of a lego dog made out of blocks
DIY Lego Puzzles... Great for hand-eye coordination and the young builders in our lives.
the lego travel box is filled with small people and animals, including a man on a boat
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DIY LEGO travel box
diy small treasures display done two ways with legos and other toy storage items
Style & Simplify: Display Solutions for Tiny Treasures - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Love this project - two lovely options for displaying kids collections.
the lego quest is coming to an end
LEGO Quest Kids
LEGO Quest Kids -- challenges for kids to do with their legos
instructions for how to build a lego house
A huge archive of Lego instructions and catalogs.