I don't ask for much, only for allay to make me a better Muslim right now or in the future! But yes I am still not thankful enough to allah for everything he has given me even though I did not care for it and realize the importance of it till later so thank u allah for everything!                         ~sincerely, a learning servent

Oh Allah~ make me a humble as well as a grateful servant who says "Alhamdulillah" for everything you have bestowed upon me.

Islam is best.

What is Islam, Muslim religion believe & its facts about? Al-Islam is a heaven-religion’s & it is meant for the humankind to Success in world and hereafter.


When you’re depressed, 3 things will certainly make your feel better Reading the Quran Offering Salah and making Dua Doing Dhikr

Ibn Taymiyyah - Don't depend too much on anyone.

The one who never leaves you, never abandons you, always looks after you is Allah ﷻ , make Him your friend.

Surah Al Qamar (The Moon)

Surah Al-Qamar (The Moon) Surah Verse اقْتَرَبَتِ السَّاعَةُ وَانشَقَّ الْقَمَرُ The Hour (of Judgment) is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder.

Let Allah handle

Be kind to your heart and stop worrying about the thing which is out of your control. Let ALLAH handle them.

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living islam in a family.I'm not muslim (yet) but this could be handy to pin for later in case I convert upon marriage :)

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