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Barbie Dolls Over The Years1959

Barbie influences socialization in our children. Barbie mostly has assumed social roles that would be expected of her. There are a few unexpected roles that Barbie has portrayed, but as a whole Barbie is your "typical girl".

How to re-create Rachel Bilson's exaggerated winged liner//

super black solid Eyeliner tutorial, rock'n'roll make-up look that is easy and great for evenings out <---- Mostly just pinning for the fact that she used glittery black eye shadow to keep it from smudging all over her face.

Spring Trend - Barbie Mutation

UD Naked 2 (Fox - the lid, Tease - the crease + UD Naked 1 Buck for blending the pencil and Sidecar - on the lid at the very end, just a tiny little bit to create some shimmer) NYX Jumbo pencil in brown Blue Eye makeup tutorial

Barbie Mutation: Megan Fox

Eye-Popping for deep set The only thing missing from this blue eyes makeup tutorial is false lashes by Minki Lashes to make them POP even more.