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two people holding hands with rings on their fingers and tattoos on their thumbnails
Pamela Love's Montauk wedding - 100 Layer Cake
a gondola in the middle of a canal with an open door leading to it
Virtual Italy Tour of Venice - Tour Italy Now
The little alleyway restaurants in Venice are the best!
a man standing on top of a cliff next to a lake in the middle of mountains
Kjeragbolten Lysefjorden, 1000 Metros por Encima del Fiordo, Noruega
Norway-that would be the coolest thing ever!
a red train traveling through a tunnel under water
Spot the fakes | News24
Underwater train in Venice // This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. -D.W. Hadn't seen this, cool!
an aerial view of the water and land in front of some small islands with trees
Manouver Boat at Raja Ampat by Ridwan Prasetyo / 500px
Raja Ampat / Indonesia
an aerial view of many small islands in the water with palm trees on either side
raja ampat
an old wooden boathouse in the middle of a lake with mountains in the background
Boathouse, Obersee
an instagram page with two people in a boat floating on the blue springs state park
an image of a bedroom with lights on the ceiling and curtains over the bed,
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
starry bedroom!!
two people are walking on the beach with an airplane in the water and one person is holding a surfboard
Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia
an underwater view of a tropical island with palm trees and corals in the foreground
Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.
two people are walking on an old bridge over the water
Gaiola Bridge, Naples, Italy