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Linda Ricky Ndoen
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Perfect liner

4 Cute Cat Eye Makeup Ideas 4 Cute Cat Eye Makeup Ideas “ Cat eye makeup ideas have been popular recently. The popularity of cat eye makeup is caused the Cat woman movie. The cat eye makeup becomes.

How To: Winged Eye Liner

SO many girl ask me how to do this. I start in the middle, making small strokes out, then make a line up to the end of my brow and bring it back down, making a tiny triangle. Fill in the tiny triangle and then make little strokes in and then from the inne

Contouring and highlighting

For many girls, one of the most difficult things when it comes to make up is to properly contour their faces. As we have said not just once – the way you contour your face, depends mainly on …

Never knew thats how much make up some girls wear, u can barely tell once its blended in, i jus wear eye liner and maybe mascara or eye shadow once ina while!

The power of contouring makeup

GROSS I will never understand woman who contour their faces! If you need to contour your face to hide things or change your apparentce that much.then you ugly Lmao. it's SO MUCH MAKEUP! false advertising much?