Padangese Satay (Sate Padang)

Sate Padang is a saté that has curry base sauce. It consists similarity to Minangese rendang spices, turmeric leaves and other spices.

(Blood Cockle/Clam Satay) Sate Kerang Sidoarjo

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

Bali Style Freshwater Snail Soup (Kakul Mekuah)

Kakul Mekuah – A Balinese freshwater snail soup and enriched with spices. Perfect for a cold weather!

Sate Komoh (Sate Bumbu Rujak)

Sate Komoh-beef sate, with spices so delicious you can't stop eating.

Nasi Timbel Plus Sambal Cikur

Mengobati Kangen Kampung Dengan Nasi Timbel Plus Sambal Cikur