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where is this. is this real. why am I not here.

I so want to ge here :) Resort Spa Treehouse, Bali. Panchoran Retreat - Formerly Linda Garland Estate Near Ubud, Bali. Voted one of the 10 best villas to rent in Bali, by Conde Nast Traveller.

Chandelier and drapes.

This beautiful and vintage apartment in Barcelona. The interior is done in sweet colors mostly, in pink, purple, white and red. The style used fresh furniture with vintage details. This house consists of two floor, on the first floor be…Read more ›

Adriana Barra


The Unusual Architecture Of Brazilian's Fashion Designer Adriana Barra's Store Includes Vertical Gardens, Colorful Stair.


Somewhere I would like to live: White, wood & textile


Walk-In kitchen pantry ideas are the most popular pantry design today in modern kitchens. Walk in kitchen pantry ideas are great way to store items without taking up space in the actual kitchen itself.

heavy door

Beautiful Rustic entryway with an amazing front door. Chic Country Home from a Barn conversion

Kitchen with string globe lamps

Find Out the some important things in considering to get the best kitchen light fixtures. Make your kitchen light fixtures one step ahead.

I wish I was this organized/had this much space!

Hanging baskets in the closet for socks, underwear, etc. to open up space in the dresser Great Idea. Hanging baskets in the closet for socks, underwear, etc.