EXO wearing cute onesies ❤️🙆🏻🙈 Xiumin As A Kitty Killed Me 💘 ~ Credits to the maker of this cute exo fanart ~

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exo and baekhyun Bild

Baekhyun - 160320 The EXO'luxion [dot] In Seoul Day 3

Baekhyun the Flying Squirrel -EXO

Chanyeol - 160320 The EXO'luxion [dot] In Seoul Day 3

Chibi Chanyeol the Rawring Tiger

This is like the cutest thing EVER!

the cheesiest fanart I ever made, but I want to draw it ) chen

Baekhyun 'ㅅ'

Happy Birthday Baekhyun by duckhymne on FanBook

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Happy Birthday Kim Jongin~!

Happy Birthday Kim Jongin~!

Happy Birthday actor Do Kyungsoo~!

It's not D.O's birthday but this is cute

ChiBi : Photo

Chen, exo, and kpop image

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This is so adorable (and look at little bunnies EXO! Little tan Nini!

Hym's Fanart Blog on Tumblr

Happy Birthday EXO maknae Oh Sehun~ —- (Conffession here, I can’t really add details here since today is such a chaos -with work etc etc I only have very limited time to draw it. It supposed to be spring theme, since Sehun’s birthday is when.

Exo Fanart

[EXO fanart - creds to owner]


BaekXiuChen fanart by Hym

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I love these fan arts