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an advertisement with two hands holding each other in front of the words cara merugah nuri sendir
the flyer for an event with a man holding his hand to his face and looking at something
Ayat-ayat yang Harus Dibaca Saat Ruqyah - Suara Muslim
an old man wearing a white turban and holding his hands together in prayer
an advertisement for the book cara menebus dosa ghibah
75+ Gambar Kartun Muslimah Cantik dan Imut (bercadar, sholehah, lucu) - Gambar
an iphone screenshot showing the tweet settings for several different types of twitters
an image of someones twitter account with the same message as they are on their phone
an advertisement for pintu rezeki with the words in english and thai on it
jodohsurga di BaBe
the text is written in different languages
an image of a green background with the words doa untuk jantung
Benar Luar Biasa Menakjubkan,, Tak Disangka Inilah Do’a Untuk Kesehatan Jantung Anda”… No.1 Paling Berkesan Se-Dunia… KONGSIKAN KEPADA SEMUA…
a person laying in the grass with a book on their lap and an instagram tweet
an email message from fakta agama about how to use the app on their phone
two tweets with different languages on them, one has an image of the same person