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a poster with the words where you struggle, where your work is and how to use it
Self Care Activities, Self Help, Self Care Routine, Self Improvement Tips, Self Care Bullet Journal, Self Development, Self Improvement
40 Tinder Screenshots That Reveal The Wild Nature Of Modern Dating
Vodka, Therapy Counseling, Ptsd, Mental Health Counseling
Ideas, Self, Isfp, Relationship, Random, Understanding, Life, Growth
Mental Health Awareness, Mental Issues, Chronic Loneliness, Healing Trauma
Signs of Trauma
a quote that reads, when we finally sit with the feelings that we've been stuffing
Endure discomfort - My Book | Kylie M. Lewis
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says,'trana is a furry thing it blurs the lines between who you are, who you were, and who i have been
Quotes about trauma
Ptsd Symptoms, Ptsd Help, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Complex PTSD Symptoms
Narcissistic Mother, Emotional Abuse, Abuse Survivor, Emotional Healing, Scapegoat
Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD
an open book with a poem written in black on the inside and white writing on the outside
Book: The Pain of Healing 💛
Wisdom, Tattoos, Illness Quotes, Therapy Quotes, Truths, Unspoken Words
an image with the words you can spend an entry looking for love that you never received as a child but even all army of kind, gentle loves will not be able to fix what your parents broke
Ea, Dealing With Difficult People
Does Childhood Trauma Ever Go Away? 8-Step Plan For You To Heal
Beautiful, Short Poems
Poem describing what it feels like to have childhood trauma.
a poster with the words things your inner child might need to hear
How To Overcome The 8 Types Of Childhood Trauma: From Surviving To Thriving 🚼💔🧠
Mental Wellbeing, Self Treatment, Overcoming Fear, Power Of Meditation
Discover the Power of Meditation 👉