Breed Specific Legislation

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German Shepherd Dog Dog Breed Information - AWW - - Yeah Love Do you still love him? The post German Shepherd Dog Dog Breed Information appeared first on Gag Dad. Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Cute Puppies, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Terrier Puppies, Love My Dog

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Pit Bull Rescue Central is a virtual shelter for homeless Pit Bulls, Am Staffs and Pit Mixes. Especie Animal, Amor Animal, Beautiful Dogs, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, I Love Dogs, Puppy Love, Pit Bull Love, Dogs And Puppies

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Educate, don't discriminate! We are pit bulls. We are DOGS. We are innocent!!

PIT BULL DOGS pit bulls are so dangerous Not! People just need grow up Hell Chihuahua in more dangerous than a Pitbull Dogs And Kids, I Love Dogs, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Beautiful Dogs, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, American Pit Bull Terrier

Trump Unleashes An Unhinged Rant After Republican Lawmaker Calls For His Impeachment

Grandpa is AWAKE!

If you have a Pitbull and American Bully Dogs, Here are some accessories that is good, cheap and perfect for your pets, Specially on Bully Dogs.


Cool story: Meet Buddy- therapy dog (rescued from an LA rescue who saves dogs from euthanasia) He was twice before spared from euthanasia by people who thought he was "just too friendly." He finally found his true calling! He passed his Good Citizen's t I Love Dogs, Cute Dogs, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Dogs, Pit Bull Love, Therapy Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies

Buddy the Therapy Pit Bull

Twice Buddy was pulled from the euthanasia room by volunteers who said, “He is just too friendly!” One kind shelter worker finally called Molly, and she high-tailed it down there to pull Buddy for good.

I don't even have a pitbull, or know someone well who does. but I agree. A dog is only mean if the owners raise it to be mean. A Cocker Spaniel could maul a person's face just as much as a Pitbull can. It all has to do with how you treat it and raise it. Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Animals, Adorable Animals, Save Animals, Animal Pics, Bull Pictures, Animal Funnies, Animals Dog, Wild Animals

Very true. I am a proud supporter of *well trained* pitbulls. It's the stupid humans we need to ban.

Pit Bull Dogs Stop Breed Discrimination. It's not the animals, it's the owners! My pit bull loves people and is scared of our 5 lb miniature yorkie! All Dogs, I Love Dogs, Best Dogs, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Mery Crismas, Pit Bull Love, In This World

Dogs are not dangerous because of the breeds, but because of the owners. Dobermans, German Shepard's, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls are not evil. They don't want to kill, or injure.. Only to love be loved like every one else.

Uplifting So You Want A American Pit Bull Terrier Ideas. Fabulous So You Want A American Pit Bull Terrier Ideas. Pit Bulls, My Bebe, Pit Bull Love, American Pit, Bull Terrier Dog, Beautiful Dogs, I Love Dogs, Dog Mom, Dog Training

10 Things Pit Bull Parents Are Sick Of Hearing

We see unfortunate stories in the news often about Pit Bulls that make them seem like bad dogs – but iHeartDogs believes that there’s no such thing as a “bad breed”. Anyone who has ever loved a Pit Bull will tell you what sweet, loyal, eager-to-please dogs they are. With love, Pit Bulls are great family dogs and loyal companions. People who have a Pit Bull or Pit Mix are used to getting dirty looks and comments when they take ... Read more