Library Cake

20 Of The Most Creative Cakes That Are Too Cool To Eat

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pretty snail  bento

Cute Snail Twins Kyaraben Bento by Naohaha (Ham, Cheese, Mashed Potato, Fried Pasta and Nori) String cheese and ham snails?

Grilled rice ball soup

bear rice ball w/ soup / japanese style ♥ Bento - - this is the most relaxing looking bowl of soup ever.

Wagashi - みどりや :うさぎびな Rabbit Princess

Wagasi [Nerikiri] / "Wagasi" are the confectionery made from the traditional manufacturing process of Japan. / "Wagashi" has many kinds by raw materials, a manufacturing process, a use. / "Wagashi" o (Peanut Butter Mochi)

Japanese product...marshmallow around sugar paw print...marshmallow melts in hot beverage and sugar floats...very cute

A Japanese product . marshmallow around sugar paw print. The marshmallow melts in the hot beverage and the sugar paw print floats.

Mini cupcake cookies

Cupcake variety cookie idea Top cupcakes with cupcake cookie to make a pretty display as soon as the box is opened!

Bear Bread Recipe and Tutorial

Teddy in a Box Bread Recipe 可愛いくまさんパンのレシピ - Little Miss Bento