Library Cake

20 Of The Most Creative Cakes That Are Too Cool To Eat

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pretty snail  bento


Grilled rice ball soup


bear rice ball w/ soup / japanese style ♥ Bento - - this is the most relaxing looking bowl of soup ever.

Wagashi - みどりや :うさぎびな Rabbit Princess

Wagasi [Nerikiri] / "Wagasi" are the confectionery made from the traditional manufacturing process of Japan. / "Wagashi" has many kinds by raw materials, a manufacturing process, a use. / "Wagashi" o (Peanut Butter Mochi)

Japanese product...marshmallow around sugar paw print...marshmallow melts in hot beverage and sugar floats...very cute

Japanese product: marshmallow around sugar paw print. Marshmallow melts in hot beverage and sugar floats!

Mini cupcake cookies

『プレゼントに♡ カップケーキなcookie』

Cupcake variety cookie idea Top cupcakes with cupcake cookie to make a pretty display as soon as the box is opened!

お花見気分で桜おむすび♪ & ご飯のお供に!生姜ピーマン                                             The attendant of the cherry rice ball ♪ & rice with cherry-blossom viewing mood! Ginger pepper

お花見気分で桜おむすび♪ ご飯のお供に生姜ピーマン!

The attendant of the cherry rice ball ♪ & rice with cherry-blossom viewing mood!

bananagranola (busy) - Absolutely gorgeous Flickr photostream of Japanese food and culture!

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Fishy Snack

Making your food fun for kids not only helps them want to eat the things you serve, but helps you to be creative and use foods you normally wouldn't. Here's some fun after school snacks ideas.