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the plans for an office desk with drawers and shelves
Ultimate Tool Storage Cabinets
Figure A shows a cutaway drawing of the tool storage cabinets.
the diagram shows how to draw people in different poses and positions, including sitting on a bench
Эргономика. Оптимальные размеры мебели.
useful dimension
an image of a drawing of a chair with measurements
Resultado de imagem para dimensões poltronas auditório
a drawing of a person standing in front of a shower faucet with the measurements for
The magic of the Internet
Se para um cara de 1,80 o cano está a 2,15. Para um mais alto com 1,74, podemos colocar o chuveiro na altura de 2m
two chairs with measurements for each chair and the seat upholstered in grey fabric
restaurant sofa seating dimensions
restaurant sofa seating dimensions - Google Search
an image of a bathroom with toilet and bathtub in the same room as shown
Banquette Seating Section
Banquette Seating How To Build | ashly anderson » Banquette Seating Section
two people sitting at a desk in front of a white wall and one person working on a computer
Gallery of Groupama / Scheubel + Genty Architectes - 27
Groupama / Scheubel Genty Architectes
the diagram shows how to use an air conditioner for heating and water heaters
Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio
Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio @AAmpstudio #plan #section #detail
the floor plan for a small living room
Workspace ergonomic rules
Sintex -Workspace ergonomic rules - So that you can only move with any freedom if you are sitting down? This looks sort of evil! I can't still figure out why leave that gap between two tables if it is clearly impossible for anyone to walk past it without squeezing, and if you back your chair, you have barely enough to stand up... I hope people don't follow this sort of thing.
an image of a person sitting at a table with instructions on how to use the chair
custom booth dimensions
dimensions built in seating | custom booth dimensions - Kitchens Forum - GardenWeb
an architectural drawing showing the details and measurements for a shower door, which has been drawn in
Private Site
Banquette Seating Design | Cotter Christian, Ltd. Co. » Residential
the drawing shows two people working on an assembly line, and one person is sitting at a desk
Medidas de Cadeiras e Mesas – Chair & Table Blog – Cadeiras e Mesas
Cozinha Mais
some people are sitting at a table with chairs
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