flores, Indonesia

Mbaru Niang, a traditional house UNESCO heritage listed in Was Rebo village, Flores island, Indonesia. It normally has 5 floor, 15 m high.

Komodo - Dragon, Flores, Indonesia

Nestled between eastern Sumbawa and western Flores, Komodo National Park has widely known as the home of the giant lizard Komodo Dragon (.

Shot taken at sunrise over the surreal lakes of Kelimutu volcano, in central Flores Island of Indonesia.By Alika

Sunrise over the surreal lake of the Kelimutu volcano on the Flores Island of Indonesia. Photo by Shann Biglione.

Kanawa Island Flores Indonesia. Will be there this summer! #Yayness

RIUNG-FLORES-INDONESIA--The extraordinary paradisical 17 Islands Riung Marine . Located on the north coast of Flores island in the Ngada district lies an archipelago that forms a unique, paradisical sea

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