We All Shine On

Well we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun (John Lennon)
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the lighthouse is lit up at night with stars in the sky
the planet saturn as seen by nasa's juno spacecraft, taken from space station
the moon is seen from space in this image taken by nasa astronauts on july 22, 2012
the earth seen from the surface of the moon
an astronaut's view of the earth from the space shuttle on the surface of the moon
the milky is shining brightly in the night sky over a river and mountain range with snow capped mountains
an image of the moon taken from space
the earth's horizon and moon seen from space, with clouds in the foreground
two bright lights shine brightly in the dark sky above an earth's horizon as seen from space
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an airplane flying in the blue sky with white clouds and a half moon behind it
an airplane is flying high in the night sky over a road and grassy area with trees
the stonehenge monument at sunset with a moon in the sky and clouds above it
the night sky is filled with stars
an image of the moon and saturn taken by nasa