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This Furniture Belongs In The Future // #furniture #home #decor #future #nifty

This Furniture Belongs In The Future // #furniture #home #decor #future #nifty

Jesus Figure with the Angels ...AWESOME

(March Ibn Yakoobi was among the Muslim extremists who attacked those praying at an Assembly of Loving God (ALG) church of Bibles for Mideast in a central African country on Wednesday.

horse picture in a cloud | Dare to see the unseen. It doesn’t matter that others couldn’t see ...

stallion in the sky, wow hmmm, jesus comes back riding a white horse, maybe this is a sign to wake people up? is that a invisible rider on that horse, you can see an out line image WOW MAN

Orca whale & baby.

Mama Orca and baby. Orcas, known as "killer whales" aren't whales at all. They are the largest dolphins. And most powerfully aggressive, at the top of their food chain.

倫☜♥☞倫   Water Fall    **....♡♥♡♥♡♥Love★it

The beauty of this earth even now in the condition it is in, is but a glimpse of the paradise Jehovah has promised to restore to this earth.

To my daughter. you are more beautiful than all the roses in the world.have a beautiful loving heart and soul. You are shining a inspiration.