In fact, today’s graphic novel can fill many useful roles in the modern ESL classroom. Their minimal text paired with interesting illustrat

MAJOR ARTICLES Year 11; Issue 3; June 2009, ISSN 1755-9715        Graphic Novels in the ESL Classroom  Bill Templer, Malaysia

This article relies on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Besides, Visual/Auditory/Kinaesthetic model for learning preferences complements the understanding of Garner’s theory. NLP presuppositions are found along this work, as well.

A great list of comics, categorized by grade level to help teachers pick the best comic literature for their students.

MACBETH - producing a graphic novel

Macbeth Character Map - Oral histories are gold. don't wait until your elderly has passed on

Most anticipate graphic novels of 2015

Japanese horror master Ito has been avoiding the genre of his greatest triumphs—Uzimaki, Tomie, Gyo— for eight years, but he has a new book out, and Viz will bring …

‘The Arab of the Future’: Best-selling Graphic Novel Coming to English

2012 Teachers' Conference: 'Getting to Grips with Graphic Novels' by Samantha Lewis. Lewis explains how teachers can utilize graphic novels in the classroom.