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two balls of yarn and a pair of knitting needles on a white surface with one ball of thread in the foreground
How to Long Tail Cast On without Estimating Tail Length
How to work a long-tail cast on without any yarn wastage!
the chart shows how many different types of shoes are available for each individual to wear
Head sizing chart for toques.
two hands are knitting the ends of a green crochet piece with white yarn
How to knit a horizontal 2-coloured braid
Video tutorial for two-coloured lateral braid
a crocheted sock with the words continue written on it and a pair of knitting needles
Ysolda's Technique Thursday — maintaining stitch patterns while increasing or decreasing.
the words save your stash written in red on a blue background
Clothes Moths: How to Save Your Yarn Stash, Fabric, Wardrobe, and Sanity During an Infestation
Clothes Moths: How to Save Your Yarn Stash, Fabric, Wardrobe, and Sanity During an Infestation
an image of a piece of art made out of lines
Centered Double Decrease
someone is knitting something with scissors in their hands
Super Stretchy, Super Easy Sewn Bind Off
Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Bind Off
a hand is holding the end of a piece of brown knitted material that has been crocheted
Anna Zilboorg’s Perfect Buttonholes
someone is holding a small blue object in their hand on a bed with checkered bedspread
Twisting a Skein of Yarn into a Hank
How to Twist Yarn into a Hank
the crochet stitch is being worked on
Purl Soho | Beautiful Yarn For Beautiful Knitting
How to knit fisherman's rib.
five tips for weaving in ends on your hand - knits, with text overlay
5 tips for Weaving In Ends - Knit Darling
Five tips for weaving in ends.
the different types of sheep are shown in this graphic style, including lambs and wool
Know Your Wool
four pictures showing different types of knitted gloves and mittens, with the same pattern on them
The Knitted Book by TinyWild on DeviantArt
The Knitted Book by TinyWild
someone is crocheting together with yarn and knitting needles to make the stitchs
All is not lost
How to fix a mis-crossed cable.