1. Hair Pieces If you are not someone who always wears sunglasses all the time, but only wear it when you’re working, do not forget to bring sunglasses when you go to the hairdresser. So you can be sure, if the haircut is annoying when using glasses or not.  Read More http://morefemale.com/tips-on-choosing-hair-style-in-accordance-glasses/

Define Your Brows with Eyebrow Pencils - 21 Makeup Tricks for Eyeglass Wearing Girls .

Heal lung diseases Fresh tomato juice is a natural healing from within, including ease lung disease, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.  Read More http://morefemale.com/profits-routinely-drinking-tomato-juice/

Homemade Tomato Juice ~ Have an abundance of tomatoes in your garden? Make your own delicious tomato juice, a homemade ~…

5. Lycopene in tomatoes also work against aging and anti-cancer properties. Especially against prostate and colon cancer. 6. Stimulate the production of tomatoes carnitine amino acid which has been shown in research to accelerate the body’s fat burning capacity is more than 30 percent.   Read More http://morefemale.com/reasons-to-eat-tomatoes/

Weight loss boils down to choice. Specifically, every time you choose to eat something, you’re either taking a step toward your goals… or away from.

2. Not the Most Important Part When Shampoo Shampooing Shampoo whatever expensive, if one of the shampooing technique then the result will not be maximal. “Massage the scalp and hair rinse properly is the most important part when shampooing,” said Ricardo. Massage can get rid of excess oil and make more healthy follicles so new hair growth to be perfect.  Read More http://morefemale.com/about-shampoo-secrets-you-do-not-know/

Shampoo your hair as usual, rinse, then pour ¼ cup of vinegar over it and rinse again. Vinegar is a good degreaser for oily hair because it helps adjust pH levels.

1. Drink Lots of Water Keep skin clean during menstruation, you need to maintain the condition of the body moisture and hydration. This needs to be done in the first week of menstruation. Because, in the first week of the skin is the body began to change. One of the best ways to hydrate the skin is to drink lots of mineral water.  Read More http://morefemale.com/proper-skin-care-when-menstruation/

Read 3 Powerful Principles for Defeating Insecurity by Jennifer Maggio. Learn what the Bible says about health, beauty and Biblical womanhood!

3. lemon juice Lemon is one of the best foods to detoxify the body. Squeeze the lemon and mix with a glass of warm water and honey. Drink this mixture every morning when your stomach is empty to cleanse your body.  Read More http://morefemale.com/nutritious-food-to-overcome-jaundice/

There are two common varieties of mandarin oranges: Japanese and Chinese mandarin oranges.

1. Whole wheat Based on a major study, waist circumference middle-aged women who eat white bread and other simple carbohydrates to grow three times larger with age, than women who eat whole grains.  Read More http://morefemale.com/rules-eating-to-prevent-early-aging/

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My mind immediately starts racing when I see a new pimple creeping up on my otherwise clear skin. The pimple itself is not the biggest problem — having oily skin and poor skin routines most of life has given me loads of experience in how to treat my …

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