The Femina The Femina This is the type of character stylish woman, sophisticated, and love of luxury. Women with this character has the natural ability to attract men. The men look at women this kind of open, vulnerable and supportive. Examples are Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez. Read More

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Heat and cold When daylight, the body feels hot and overheating, even though the weather was not too hot. While at night, the body can shivering. That’s what happens when hormones in the body are not balanced.  Read More

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s time to face reality.” Funny, though, how it’s nearly impossible for you to own up to what you’re doing to yourself, especially when it comes to drug abuse.

1. Not So Self Being someone else is useless. So, from now on be yourself and what it is. This will give a better impression. The he will know what kind of outside and inside you is real.  Read More

Men are fearless when it comes to dating, right? Actually, men have many of the same dating concerns as women. I have received several messages from men about

2. romantic Not only sweet words, the bad boy with a counterbalance any treatment that is no less good. To be able to go back to his ex, they will do everything they can as a romantic dinner, giving gifts and other surprises. Though he’s not necessarily completely changed.  Read More

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Results of this study means that children who have behavioral hyperactivity and problems in the inner ear can be mitigated and overcome by giving the drug with regard to certain parts of the brain.  Read More

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However, the investigators also called for any individual who feels to be in that position does not automatically assume that they are being lied to.  Read More

This marks one of the opponent is lying SMS, Researchers from Brigham Young University explains that there is a simple way to know when someone who was having a conversation via SMS is lying.